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Program Description: Students will receive in-depth training in the use of the current software packages used in the business world, with a focus on written communications and administrative procedures.

Career Prospects:

Graduates with the Administrative Assistant Certificate gain employment in a variety of business settings in the public and private sectors such as:

- Administrative Assistant

- Financial Office Assistant

- Payroll Assistant

- Computerized Bookkeeping Assistant

- Accounts Payable / Receivable Clerk

- Receptionist / Switchboard

- Office Assistant

- Data Entry Clerk

- Records Management Clerk

Required Courses:

ABTC 111 Accounting I (45 hrs)

ABTC 112 Keyboarding I (30 hrs)

ABTC 114 Human Relations & Job Search Skills (45 hrs)

ABTC 119 Computers and Groupware (45 hrs)

ABTC 120 Business Math and Calculations (30 hrs)

ABTC 121 Electronic Spreadsheets I (30 hrs)

ABTC 133 Word Processing I (60 hrs)

ABTC 151 Accounting II (60 hrs)

ABTC 153 Word Processing II (60 hrs)

ABTC 154 Administrative Procedures and Records Management (45 hrs)

ABTC 161 Electronic Spreadsheets II (45 hrs)

ABTC 165 Business English (90 hrs)

ABTC 173 Keyboarding II (30 hrs)

ABTC 182 Automated Accounting (75 hrs)

ABTC 192 Practicum (60 hrs)

ABTC 193 Desktop Publishing (20 hrs)

ABTC 194 Presentation Software (20 hrs)

ABTC 195 Business Communications (60 hrs)

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Northern Lights College

Opções de estudo

Período integral (39 semanas)

CAN $9.17 per contact hour
Data de início

Esperado Setembro 2021


Tumbler Ridge Campus

180 Southgate,


British Columbia (BC),

V0C 2W0, Canada

Período integral (39 semanas)

CAN $9.17 per contact hour
Data de início

Esperado Setembro 2021


Fort Nelson Campus

5201 Simpson Trail,


British Columbia (BC),

V0C 1R0, Canada

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes internacionais

Transcript showing successful completion, within the previous five years:

- Grade 11 English or Communications 11 (or ENGL 040 Advanced English)

- Grade 10 Math (or MATH 030 Intermediate Mathematics).

If transcript is not available or outside of this time parameter, then the Canadian Adult

Achievement Test (CAAT) will be administered using the following sections:

- Reading Comprehension with an 11.9 or higher standing

- Numbers Operations with a 10.9 or higher standing.

Or the permission of the Dean of the program.

Admissions Recommendation:

Basic Computer Knowledge would be advisable for this program including such competencies as: How to turn on/off a computer; How to open a program; How to save a file; some internet experience; and a preferred 15wpm keyboard speed or a minimum knowledge of the keys (and their location) on a keyboard.

If you wish assistance in obtaining these recommended competencies before program commencement, please contact the Northern Lights College Workforce Training or Career and College Preparation Departments nearest you to register and take a Basic Computers course.