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Develop fundamental communication skills for business in a fast 8-week certificate program. Explore the key communication and teamwork topics that will give you transferable skills to make you more effective in any job.

  • Increase your employability fast
  • Learn about business communications and teamwork
  • Flexible start dates suit your study needs, goals and schedule
  • Learn from business industry experts with experience in business communications

Managerial Communications

The ability to communicate well is an essential requirement for all employees of an organization. In this course we explore the importance of communication in business and cross-cultural environments; students also compose various forms of written communication and prepare and deliver a formal business presentation.

Organizational Behavior

This course introduces students to the concepts of organizational behavior and their application in today’s business environments. Students will develop insights into how the behavior of individuals and groups impact organizations. Further, they will learn to apply the theories and concepts of organizational behavior to develop effective managerial competencies in such areas as teamwork, motivation, decision making and leadership.

De qual departamento farei parte?

Greystone College

Opções de estudo

Período integral (8 semanas)

Tuition: CAN $3,320; Material fee: CAN $270
Data de início

Esperado Fevereiro, Agosto, Setembro 2021


Greystone College

Vancouver Campus,

560 Granville Street, 3rd Floor,


British Columbia (BC),

V6C 1W6, Canada

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes internacionais

All applicants must:

• Have a secondary school diploma or equivalent (in Toronto, accepted secondary school diplomas must be from Canada or the USA); or

• In Toronto only, be at least 18 years of age, and pass a superintendent approved qualifying test.

• In Montréal, a candidate is eligible to an Attestation of College Studies program (AEC) if his/her educational training is deemed sufficient by the College and if it meets one of the following conditions:

a) If a candidate has interrupted his full-time studies for at least two (2) consecutive sessions or for one (1) full school year;

b) The candidate has pursued his/her post secondary education for a period of at least one (1) year.

c) Even though a candidate who has a High School Diploma is considered to have the necessary education to enroll in a College program, all applicants must submit, with the application, all academic records and all other documents deemed necessary for admission purposes. If the applicant does not possess a High School Diploma, he must submit, with his application, last transcripts, proof of academic accomplishments, a resume, a description of his professional accomplishments along with letters of recommendation from present and previous employers.

Language entry level


IELTS – 6.5

ILSC Level – A1