O que eu aprenderei?

Information Engineering is a new and promising discipline. It is developed as multiple areas involving signal and information processing technology, communication technology, and computer science rapidly penetrate into traditional information technology (IT) industries. In China, information technology industry is currently the most active and fast-growing profession. This area is deeply involved in international technology competition now, and has also globally become the most vital engine of social and economic productivity and development. Recently, with the increasing demand on the eco-friendly, integrated, and smart information system, professional talents in information engineering are deeply in need.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Attributes Information Engineering alumni should demonstrate 5 years after graduation: Technical Skills: are technically competent to conduct research and development in the industry and universities in the broad fields of Electronics and Information Engineering in general and Information Engineering in particular. Engineering Ethos: are able to think critically and creatively, use engineering principles to embrace challenging engineering and non-engineering problems encountered at work, apply an analytic mindset, make informed decisions and provide innovative solutions. Attitude: are self-motivated with a desire for lifelong learning to adapt to the fast changing environment, able to operate with integrity and responsibility, have optimism and composure under tight schedule, and committed to make a positive impact in society locally and globally. Leadership: are effective communicators, well-prepared to advance towards leadership positions, capitalize the individual strengths of team members, and nurture the team to achieve goals.

De qual departamento farei parte?

College of Engineering

Opções de estudo

Período integral (4 anos)

USD $4,600 per year
Data de início

1 Março 2021


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

1088 Xueyuan Avenue,



518055, China

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes internacionais

  • Age 18 or above
  • Officer of acceptance is conditional upon presentation of high school diploma
  • English proficiency test required (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT scores obtained within last two years are accepted), waived for native English speakers
  • Academically prepared for rigorous STEM study