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N5PolTech is a two-year Nordic double degree master's programme, coordinated by KTH and based on the particular expertise of the participating universities.

The programme comprises five study tracks covering polymer technology from different perspectives. The programme is adapted to accommodate the students' diverse professional backgrounds. In each study track the students acquire expertise in polymer chemistry and polymer physics.

Depending on the study track the students get specific skills in their chosen innovative polymer technology engineering topic.

The length of the study period in each university corresponds to 60 ECTS. It is required that you start at one of the partner universities for part 1 and finish your studies at another university for part 2.

The N5PolTech will provide the student with:

  • General knowledge and understanding concerning properties and use of polymeric materials, including knowledge and understanding of related environmental aspects.
  • In-depth knowledge on how polymeric materials are build-up from molecular level to macroscopic level and the relationship between structure and material properties.
  • General knowledge on synthesis/modification, characterization, processing and applications of synthetic and biobased polymers and in-depth knowledge in the selected specialization.
  • Insight into current research front in polymer technology including the role of polymeric materials in sustainable society.

Biomaterials Science

The biomaterials science specialization track has a strong focus on natural polymers, renewable recourses based polymers, biodegradable polymers and the interphase between polymer science and biological sciences. Teaching methods like laboratory and group work, individual work, lecturing, project work, and problem based learning are being used. This track is for students with a solid background in chemistry or chemical engineering.

The goal of the biomaterials science track is to give the students skills and knowledge for utilizing biomass in an ecologically, economically and sustainable way, by adapting methods offered by modern polymer technology. The students will have opportunity to understand the chemical engineering aspects of biomaterial production in industrial scale by selecting appropriate courses like ‘Polymer reaction engineering’ or ‘Plant design’.

Year 1

  • First year at Chalmers
  • First years at KTH
  • First year at DTU

Year 2 at Aalto University

In the second year studies in Aalto University the student should study a total of 30 ECTS from the courses belonging to the field of the specialization track Biomaterials Science. The autumn semester consist of obligatory courses (12 ECTS) and elective courses which you may choose from the course list here below. The entire spring semester is allocated for the 30 ECTS Master’s thesis. The second year specialization thus requires the student to obtain a total of 60 ECTS.

Opções de estudo

Período integral (2 anos) - Múltiplas localizações de estudo

kr15.000,00 (R$ 12.908) por ano
EUR 30,000 for the entire course; Application fee is EUR 100
Data de início

1 Fevereiro 2021


Technical University of Denmark

Anker Engelunds Vej 1,

Building 101A,



2800, Denmark

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes do(s)/da Brasil

Applicants must have a Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) in Engineering or Science or a Bachelor of Engineering degree obtained at an internationally recognized university. Other English Language requirements: TOEFL paper-based - 573; TOEFL computer-based - 230; Pearson - 59.

Para estudantes internacionais

The academic levels of the MSc Programmes are highly advanced, and a thorough basic knowledge of one engineering or science discipline related to the MSc programme is required for admission. Admission is based on the following criteria: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Natural Science degree obtained at an internationally recognized university

IELTS - 6.5, TOEFL internet-based - 88, C1 Advanced / Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) - 180, Danish High School - English level B Overall grade 3.

Application deadline is 15 January. You can expect information on admission results in March.

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