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O que eu aprenderei?

Big Data refers to the large volume of data that business encounters every day. The origins of big data can be trailed back to the mid 1990′s when John Mashey, working at Silicon Graphics, USA was involved in processing and analysis of large datasets. Analysis of data by humans can be a time-consuming activity and thus use of sophisticated information systems can be utilized to crunch this enormous amount of data. This data is not only voluminous, but they are from various sources, the system can analyze the data with varied processing time, and it is important to verify the uncertainty and trustworthiness of the data. Modern intelligent computing can process voluminous data at superfast speed. Intelligent computing is influenced by several factors such as (i) changing technologies, smart devices, sensors; (ii) increasing technological complexity that can process data faster; (iii) human-machine interaction and its abilities. What any organization does with these data-sets is of tremendous importance.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field pertaining to processes able to extract knowledge or insights from data; be it structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science can deliver more efficiently a vast array of solutions to find appropriate and meaningful information from those huge pools of data.

Our MSc in in Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is a 10-month program preparing students to discover, understand and use the subtlety of Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the design of everyday business. It offers students a true multi-cultural and international experience in our campus based in Montpellier, South of France.

Students will develop their general management skills and explore the different ways Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can improve decision making in a business or a social setting.

Industry projects and visits throughout the year will pace the academic experience and give students the opportunity to gain valuable work and real-life experience.

Students will have the chance to participate in different seminars, workshops and meetings, where companies come to our campus to meet their future managers and high-quality interns. Our career center and alumni network are also providing students with a full range of solutions and tools to enhance their career.

Opções de estudo

Período integral (10 meses)

€13,900 for the entire course
Data de início

Esperado Setembro 2022


Montpellier Business School

2300, avenue des Moulins,



34185, France

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes do(s)/da Estados Unidos

Students are required to have a Bachelor degree or equivalent, Good English level: a minimum score of TOEFL 75/120 or TOEIC 670/990 or IELTS 6.0/9, relevant professional goals.

Para estudantes internacionais

Students are required to have A Bachelor degree or equivalent, English test : a minimum score of TOEFL 80/120 or TOEIC 785/990 or IELTS 6/9 or MBS English test B2 (free).


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