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O que eu aprenderei?

The Master’s programme ‘Experimental Geosciences’ pursues training and research in one of the central areas in modern Earth Sciences: the experimental simulation of processes occurring in the Earth. This includes the characterization of physical and chemical properties of Earth materials to advance our understanding of such properties. The M.Sc. programme ‘Experimental Geosciences’ encompasses a number of traditional scientific fields: mineralogy, crystallography, solid state physics, inorganic chemistry, material sciences, geochemistry and Cosmo chemistry, as well as geophysics. Only by integrating these diverse subfields can one fully understand structure and dynamics of the Earth.

Profile of the Master’s Programme

The M.Sc. programme ‘Experimental Geosciences’ is centered on the expertise of Bayerisches Geo-institute (Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry and Geophysics, BGI). BGI is a central research facility at the University of Bayreuth and a global leader in research and training in experimental geochemistry and geophysics. The institute is also involved in materials science research and has developed strong relationships with industry partners.

In the M.Sc. programme, students are integrated into small research group’s right from the beginning. They work on independent projects under the close and personal supervision of experienced scientists. The laboratory-based work is supplemented by lectures as well as literature and research seminars. The language of instruction is English.

Fields of Employment

Over the course of their studies, students build up a solid expertise in earth and materials science that will allow them to pursue a career in industry or academia.

De qual departamento farei parte?

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Opções de estudo

Período integral (4 semestres)

There is no tuition fee at the University of Bayreuth. A student has to pay a semester fee (Semester contribution € 109.60)
Data de início

Esperado Outubro 2022


University of Bayreuth

International Office,

Universitaetsstrasse 30,



95447, Germany

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes do(s)/da Estados Unidos

Applicants must have a successful completion of the bachelor’s program at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree. English Language Requirements: TOEFL (IBS 110) and IELTS (band width 7.0).

Para estudantes internacionais

Students must have a Detailed B.Sc. (or equivalent) degree certificate, including official transcript. If the B.Sc. will be obtained after the application deadline, an official certificate of the classes attended and the grades obtained must be provided.

English Language Requirements:

TOEFL (IBS) - 110 and IELTS band width 7.0


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