O que eu aprenderei?

Earth’s ecosystems are exposed to various rapid environmental changes, such as the global changes of climate, element cycles, land use, and biodiversity. Such changes can threaten ecological services such as the protection against natural hazards, filtration of drinking water, food supply, and other resources. These situations in turn lead to economic, social, and political instability.

Profile of the Master’s Programme

The graduate programme Global Change Ecology is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st Century: Global change. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the programme aims to combine natural science perspectives on global change with approaches taken from social science disciplines. The elite study programme combines the expertise of the Universities of Bayreuth, Augsburg with that of Bavarian and international research institutions, as well as economic, administrative, and international organizations. The material covered in the programme is unique in Germany and is at the forefront with respect to the international perspectives incorporated in the programme. The goal is to train highly qualified problem-solvers in science, environmental protection, as well as decision-makers in politics and economics.

Future Career Opportunities

The programme in Global Change Ecology relies not only on course modules, but also offers the opportunity to gain practical experience via internships. Internships can be carried out in four main areas including research, administration, economy and international organizations. In this way, students can already start building up a scientific and professional network during their studies. Based on additional research activity, a doctoral degree can be pursued.

Science schools aim to integrate students into current developments in the rapidly changing scientific field of global change research. Intensive external and internal courses allow for students to make direct contact with lecturers and practitioners and peers from other degree programmes and universities.

De qual departamento farei parte?

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Opções de estudo

Período integral (4 semestres)

There is no tuition fee at the University of Bayreuth. A student has to pay a semester fee (Semester contribution € 109.60)
Data de início

Esperado Outubro 2021


University of Bayreuth

International Office,

Universitaetsstrasse 30,



95447, Germany

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes do(s)/da Estados Unidos

Applicants must have a successful completion of the bachelor’s program at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree. English Language Requirements: TOEFL (IBS 110) and IELTS (band width 7.0).

Para estudantes internacionais

To qualify for the international elite graduate programme requires:

  • The general higher education entrance qualification (i.e. high school diploma), and
  • a bachelor's degree in biology, hydrology, meteorology, environmental physics, environmental informatics, genecology, landscape ecology, geography, science of forestry or agricultural science or an equivalent degree with an excellent final grade, and
  • Successful completion of an two-step aptitude assessment process including a letter of motivation and an interview, both in English
  • English Language Requirements:
  • TOEFL (IBS) - 110 and IELTS band width 7.0