O que eu aprenderei?

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program aims to instill in students the skills needed to identify research issues in Chemical Engineering, formulate an original research plan, and develop creative and innovative solutions that address the research issue. A candidate for a PhD degree is expected to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the chosen discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making an original and substantial contribution to the discipline.

The program is offered by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering with the following research foci and state-of-the-art facilities, providing students with an ideal environment for research.

Research Foci

Chemical and Biological Engineering is a highly diversified engineering and science discipline. The Department’s research can be classified into five major areas:

Advanced Materials

Nanomaterials, graphene, 2D materials, zeolites, novel polymers, polymer composites, DNA self-assembly process, polymer interfaces and surfaces as well as polymer/ceramic membranes. In-depth studies are being carried out in: nanomaterial synthesis and characterization, rheology, non-Newtonian flow, heat and mass transport, and process control associated with the injection-molding process.

Biomolecular Engineering

Molecular-level design and engineering of nature-derived and artificial materials for regenerative medicine, drug deliveries and therapeutics, novel sensing strategies and diagnostic platform for point of care, synthetic and systems biology, omics technology and bioinformatics.

Energy Technologies

Energy storage and conversion technologies including fuel cells, advanced batteries, solar cells, electrolyzes, and super capacitors. Main research activities include optimization of energy systems, development of advanced materials and critical components, understanding reaction mechanisms, and modeling/ simulation.

Environmental Engineering

Air pollution formation and abatement, deodorization of indoor air, catalytic and advanced oxidation, electrocoagulation and electro oxidation, advanced methods for wastewater treatment, hazardous wastes and micro-contamination, waste minimization and cleaner technologies.

Product and Process Design

Design optimization, chemical processes, biochemical processes, environmental fate and transport, and surface phenomena and effects. The design of high value-added products, such as, food additives and pharmaceuticals, is also an active research area.


  • Energy Technology Concentration
  • Nanotechnology Concentration

De qual departamento farei parte?

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Opções de estudo


HK$42.100,00 (R$ 29.790) por ano

*O preço é estimado e tem caráter informativo, por favor, verifique esta informação com a instituição.

Data de início

1 Setembro 2020


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay,

Sai Kung, Hong Kong, Kowloon

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes internacionais

Applicants seeking admission to a doctoral degree program should have obtained a bachelor’s degree with a proven record of outstanding performance from a recognized institution; or presented evidence of satisfactory work at the postgraduate level on a full-time basis for at least one year, or on a part-time basis for at least two years.

Applicants have to fulfill English Language requirements with one of the following proficiency attainments:

  • TOEFL- iBT: 80*
  • TOEFL- pBT: 550
  • TOEFL-Revised paper-delivered test: 60 (total scores for Reading, Listening and Writing sections)
  • IELTS (Academic Module): Overall score: 6.5 and All sub-score: 5.5

* refers to the total score in one single attempt

Applicants don't need to present TOEFL or IELTS score if

  • their first language is English, or
  • they obtained the bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an institution where the medium of instruction was English.

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