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O que eu aprenderei?

The one-year CertHE Audio Engineering and Production course will equip you with the essential skills to begin a career as an audio engineer, music producer or podcast engineer in a professional recording studio. Working in ICMP’s cutting-edge studios and Mac labs, and using our impressive selection of up-to-date industry-standard equipment, this highly technical course will build your confidence as well as your skillset. While you’ll receive a strong introduction to recording studio techniques, you’ll also explore more conceptual topics, such as the theory of music production and audio engineering, as you drill down into acoustics, psychoacoustics and musical language. These ideas underpin more operative aspects of the industry, such as audio signal processing, mixing techniques, digital audio workstation (DAW) use, studio design, modular synthesis, live sound reinforcement and capture, and microphone technology and application. Getting hands on with our production equipment, you’ll come to understand audio engineering fundamentals such as spacial and multichannel mixing, ambisonics, binaural recording, ADR and dialogue audio editing. All our teaching spaces and rehearsal rooms are equipped with exceptional gear, including the very best instruments, controllers, PAs, microphones, vocal processors, effects pedals, loop stations and more. As an ICMP student, you can book to use these without charge, seven days a week, outside of class hours. Each of your lessons will be directed by our expert ICMP tutors – highly experienced industry professionals, ready to guide you with practical skills and advice. They’ll provide you with extensive insight into the modern music industry and the business and entrepreneurial side of engineering and producing, too. As an in-demand audio engineering student at ICMP, you’ll benefit from frequent opportunities to collaborate with fellow audio engineering students, as well as musicians, songwriters, music producers and film score students from other ICMP courses. You’ll also have access to our renowned calendar of music events, including gigs, masterclasses, guest lectures, songwriting circles, careers days, industry conferences and more. With newly honed musical instincts, industry-standard technical skills and robust theoretical understanding, you’ll graduate ready to take on any number of professional recording roles. Or if you choose to further progress your studies, successful completion of the CertHE Audio Engineering and Production will give you direct access to the second year of ICMP’s BA (Hons) Audio Engineering and Production and BA (Hons) Creative Music Production courses. gramme.

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Setembro 2023


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