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O que eu aprenderei?

The BSc in Biological Sciences (Wildlife Health Science) is an undergraduate degree, the aim of which is to give you a thorough foundation in biosciences, with further specialisation into aspects of biology required by wild animal professionals.

The overall aim of this course is to produce graduates with high levels of understanding about animal health that can apply that to wildlife health situations. This degree is delivered together with the Zoological Society of London.


You will be exposed to a wide range of learning experiences in all four years of the course that include lectures, seminars, workshops, and a variety of directed and self-directed learning activities that will include practical exercises and self-assessment tools.

Problem solving exercises, case studies, reflection and role modelling will improve your reasoning skills whilst your practical skills will be developed through demonstration, observation, prosecution, feedback, and experimentation. Other key employability skills will be taught through group work, structured learning, practical work, presentations (oral and written) and problem-solving exercises. Regular tutorials will encourage you to reflect on your learning and provide opportunities for feedback on your progress.

Assessment and feedback

You will be continuously assessed throughout your course, followed by final examinations. You will also be assessed on in-course work, such as completing tests, analysing data and samples, delivering presentations, and writing essays. A major part of your biological sciences courses is the undertaking of a research project.

The estimated breakdown of assessment for your final grade is:

  • Written (coursework, which may include essays, presentations, journal clubs) - 20%
  • Examination (practical, written) – 33%
  • Projects (individual and group work, research) - 47%


Our BSc Biological Sciences (WHS) gives our students groundings in both basic health sciences, and their application in the field of wildlife health. Career options are therefore reflective of these skills. We expect graduates from this course to be pursuing careers in wildlife management (government agencies in both developing and developed countries), wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife related research (universities, zoological collections) or zoo management. Some will continue to study towards a PhD.

Additionally, some of our graduates may choose to use their animal health science training and apply it to domestic animals - so many of the skills are transferable. There is also the opportunity to apply to our Graduate Accelerated BVetMed programme if you aspire to become a veterinary surgeon.

De qual departamento farei parte?

Royal Veterinary College

Opções de estudo

Período integral (3 anos)

£21.090,00 (R$ 128.786) por ano
Está é uma taxa provisória esperando aprovação
Data de início

26 Setembro 2022


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University Of London,

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NW1 0TU, England

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