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O que eu aprenderei?

Course description

Our MSc in Neuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience will provide you with the theoretical and practical skills required to carry out high-quality cognitive brain imaging work in healthy individuals and patient populations.

Our course is aimed at graduates with scientific training in fields as diverse as experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, physics, computer science, mathematics, medicine, pharmacology, and engineering who are interested in a career where brain imaging forms a major focus, or where the scientific and technological needs of brain imaging are addressed.

The course aims to provide a unique environment in which students from a variety of scientific backgrounds can work together in a way that reflects their potential future collaborations, and in which they can readily acquire the multidisciplinary skills needed.

You will explore issues relating to the optimisation of fMRI and EEG data acquisition and analysis, with a particular focus on the cross-talk between the physics of the scanning environment, the psychology of the experimental design, and the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the human brain.

In addition, the course offers an in-depth grounding in cognitive, social, behavioural, and clinical neuroscience theory, and offers the opportunity to be directly involved in neuroimaging research.

Graduating students will be ideally placed to make major contributions to research and technological development within the field of brain imaging.

Teaching and learning

Our course is delivered through a series of lectures and practical lab-based classes, as well as informal seminar-style sessions encouraging interaction and discussion.

The research project offers one-to-one supervision within the research environment.

Apart from doing standard background reading and preparation for coursework and examinations, you will be required to work on lab-based skills outside formal teaching times. Dedicated facilities will be available for this.

Coursework and assessment

Assessment will vary between course units, but will comprise a mixture of examinations (including short answer and multiple-choice formats), coursework, lab reports and a final research report.

Career opportunities

This MSc will prepare you for a career path in scientific and clinical research and academia, as it provides the ideal platform from which to proceed to doctoral studies or research posts involving brain imaging.

The course also provides clear career paths in specialist software industries, and in specialist sections of the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, our MSc offers a high-level specialisation relevant for students and graduates of medicine.

De qual departamento farei parte?

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

Opções de estudo

Período integral (12 meses)

£27.000,00 (R$ 170.025) por ano
The fees quoted above will be fully inclusive for the course tuition, administration and computational costs during your studies.

Esta é uma taxa fixa
Data de início

19 Setembro 2022


The University of Manchester

Oxford Road,


M13 9PL, England

Requisitos de admissão

Para estudantes internacionais

We require an honours degree (minimum Upper Second) or overseas equivalent in: science subjects; psychology; neuroscience; physics; maths; engineering; medicine; computer science. Each application will be judged on an individual basis. International students must demonstrate English proficiency through a secure and approved testing system. pecifically, we require a minimum of: IELTS : 7.0 overall (with 7.0 in writing and 6.0 or above in the remaining components); TOEFL: 100 internet-based (with 25 in writing and 20 or above in the remaining components)

Os requisitos para o IELTS podem variar de acordo com o curso que você escolher.


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